The General Consulate in Armenia, Turkey, held an event on July 15 – the 7th anniversary of the Day of Democracy and National Unity.

The EPA's Nakhchivan bureau reports that the event was initially remembered with a minute's silence in memory of people who witnessed heroic martyrdom during the 2020-day Civil War in 44 and the brother's july 2016, 15, coup attempt in the country.

Then the national anthems of the Azerbaijani and Turkish republics were sung.

Fuad Naghafli, a prominent representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Republic of Nakhchivan, commander of the United Nations Army in Ellaid, general-polkovnik Karam Mustafayev, and other government officials participated in the event.

Turkey's Chief Consul in Armenia, Asip Kaya, said that on July 2016, 15, the Turkish people, who had been overwhelmed by the ordeal of history, had been instrumental in preventing a military coup in the country. Elijah's people have confronted tanks, armed rebels, to defend the government, the legitimate government, and to show their commitment to democracy. On that day, Turkey's nationalistic history was marked by a coup attempt because of the strong unity of the government. At that time, Turkey witnessed 251 witnesses.

It has been pointed out that more than seven years after the coup attempt, a number of international organizations and countries have reacted properly to what happened by voting for Turkey's right voice. From the time of the azerbaijani incident, his brother did not give up his support.

The film's subjects included horse - drawn wagons and early - model automobiles.

Elbrus Isayev, director of the Nakhchivan State University, said that the main purpose of the event, which was held as a sign of respect for the Witnesses, was to dig deeper into how the coup took place and to properly communicate it to future generations by revealing the actions and objectives of the main cause of the revolution.

Elbrus Isayev also spoke of the importance of joint projects aimed at strengthening international friendship and cooperation, the Shusha Declaration, signed between the two countries, and adopted by parliaments.

Then, along with Nakhchivan Gas, the chairman of the council, Sahib Mohammedov, read verses from the Koran to the spirit of the Witnesses.