This Sunday Cuadrando la Caja will address the issue of the subdios in Cuba, is it possible a society with social justice and that does not "protect" subsidize practically all products,
goods and people? Why subsidize people and not products? Is it possible to change the mentality that always and in all circumstances the state will provide?

On this occasion, we had the presence of MsC. Belkis Delgado Cáceres, Director of social prevention, MTSS, Dr.C. José Carlos del Toro Ríos, Director of financial and accounting investigations, MFP and Erik Ridel González Remón, Researcher on issues of Inequality and Multidimensional Vulnerability, INIE

If the issue suits you, if you want to debate and find solutions, we are waiting for you
this Sunday, July 16 at 7 p.m. on Canal Caribe.