Position of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov" in response to the actor Kamen Donev, who said earlier today that he was leaving the theater until the leadership was changed.

"We find manipulative and unprofessional the behavior of the actor Kamen Donev, who once again uses the stage of the theater to instill tension that destabilizes the work of the institution and undermines the prestige of the First Stage of Bulgaria by creating "news" fueling a scandal aimed at canceling the meaning and quality of artistic processes.

In order to participate in the performances of the repertoire of the National Theatre "Ivan Vazov" with the actors who are not on an employment contract with the theater, contracts are concluded, which regulate the relations of the parties, including the remuneration of the actors.

Kamen Donev leaves the National Theatre

When the performance "Life is Beautiful" was restored, such a contract was also concluded with Kamen Donev, who is not a full-time actor of the theater, and in connection with conditions imposed on his part, his remuneration for the performance of the role of Semyon Podsekalnikov was increased three times compared to the previous contract of the actor with the theater for the same role.

The contract was signed on 20.12.2022 and is in force until ten performances are played. So far, nine performances with his participation have been implemented in pursuance of this contract, and his last engagement has been programmed for September 28.

In this regard, the team of the National Theater finds speculative the statements made by the actor to leave the performance, meanwhile expressing a desire for another renegotiation of the financial terms of the expiring contract.

National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"

Kamen Donev