Actor Kamen Donev announced that he is leaving the performance "Life is Beautiful", which is played on the stage of the National Theater "Ivan Vazov".

"My dear, dear audience!

I would like to inform you that from today I am leaving the performance "Life is Beautiful" because of extreme intolerance to the situation in the National Theater and the outrageous, arrogant behavior of the director of the theater. After the scandals and events that followed, I went on stage out of love for the spectacle and out of respect for you, the viewers. But the glass has overflowed... I have dignity and I will not allow it to be trampled! Thank you for your applause.

I hope and believe that we will see each other at the National Theater "Ivan Vazov" in other circumstances and with another leadership," Donev wrote on his Facebook page.

After the scandal: The Director of the National Theater secured himself with security

Kamen Donev