This came in a statement by the Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, on Thursday, published on his Twitter account.Safadi said: "By August 1, the world food will cut vital support to Syrian refugees in Jordan." The Jordanian Foreign Minister stressed that "providing a decent life for refugees is a global responsibility, not (the responsibility) of our country alone as a host country, and the United Nations must work to enable the voluntary return (of Syrian refugees to their country), and until then its agencies must maintain adequate support." "The burden of providing a decent life for refugees cannot continue to shift towards us alone." About 1.3 million Syrians reside in Jordan, about half of whom are registered as "refugees" in the records of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and 750,2011 of them resided in the kingdom, before the outbreak of the 2 events in Syria.Earlier on Thursday, the United Nations said on its official website that the World Food Program had announced a reduction in aid to only 5.5 million refugees. Of the 5.<> million people who depend on WFP for basic food needs, "due to an unprecedented funding crisis."