After walks or picnics in nature, it is often necessary to remove grass stains from clothes and shoes. But the thing can be damaged by the use of chemicals, since the stain does not wash off immediately. The article contains several proven ways to quickly remove grass from white and colored things and sneakers with improvised means without harming them.

How to remove stains from white clothes

Bleaching agents usually have a very aggressive effect on the fabric, so they are not always suitable for removing stains. Often, after bleaching, yellow spots or lightened areas of fabric remain on clothes. Or even the structure of the fabric deteriorates, holes appear. The popular method will help here - a solution of hydrogen peroxide 3%. The stain removal procedure should be performed as follows:

  • apply hydrogen peroxide to a cotton pad, add a few drops of ammonia;
  • wipe the stain thoroughly with a cotton pad;
  • leave for 15 minutes;
  • Then rinse well with water.

If the fabric is delicate - wool or silk, you can apply lemon juice to the stain and hold for 40 minutes, repeat if necessary.

How to remove stains from colored things

Herbal juice has a pigment similar to a dye, and quickly eats into the fabric. Therefore, the grass stain must first be removed, not soaked. If the stain has not disappeared the first time, you will need to repeat. To remove stains from colored clothes, salt, vinegar or boiling water are used.

Stain removal with salt:

  • add 1 tablespoons of salt to 10 liter of water;
  • stir thoroughly and strain the solution if necessary;
  • Soak for two to three hours, then wash in a washing machine.

To remove a stain from the grass with boiling water, first check the information to see if clothes will deteriorate. Put the stained thing in a container, pour boiling water on the stain, then wash as usual.

If you use table vinegar or wine, you need to pour it a little on the stain, then rub it well with a toothbrush, leave for an hour and wash the thing.

How to remove grass from jeans

Jeans are the most favorite clothes for walking, relaxing and picnics, so they get dirty most often. The structure of the fabric is very porous, removing a stain from the grass can be quite difficult. Soda, vinegar, vodka and simple laundry soap will help here.

To remove the stain with vinegar and soda you need:

  • moisten the stain with water;
  • then sprinkle soda on the contaminated area, pour vinegar to cause a chemical reaction;
  • Wait a few minutes and rinse with water.

To remove the stain from the grass laundry soap, it is necessary to make a soap solution: rub the soap, dissolve in water, and soak in the solution jeans. Leave the item for 15-20 minutes and wash, repeat if necessary.

You can also remove the stain with ammonia or vodka. Need:

  • apply a solution of alcohol or vodka to a cotton pad;
  • rub the liquid into the stain and leave for 15 minutes;
  • Then wash the thing.

How to wash grass from sneakers

Washing the grass from the sneakers will help toothpaste, soda or salt – to choose from. How to do it:

  • moisten the stain with water;
  • apply salt, soda or toothpaste;
  • rub the contaminated area well;
  • After removing the stain, wipe the shoes with a damp, then dry cloth.

Also, according to a similar algorithm, you can use citric acid, dissolving it in hot water at a proportion of 1: 3.

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