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"It is very difficult for me to accept the death of my husband. I couldn't see him for the last time, I couldn't go to his funeral. It's mentally difficult. Healthy too – I can't move one hand at all and that's for life. I'm having trouble talking, I'm feeling dizzy." This was told by Brigitte Petit - the woman who lost her husband and barely survived after last year on the Ring Road of Sofia they were hit by the drunk and drugged Dimitar Lyubenov.

10 months after the incident, the investigation has not yet been completed.

Brigitte Petty's life turns upside down on September 25, 2022. Then she and her husband Loren traveled to the airport in Sofia. On the Ring Road they were hit by a powerful car driven by 39-year-old Dimitar Lyubenov. Lauren died on the spot. Bridget barely survived.

The investigation has been stalled for nearly 10 months. The indictment against Dimitar Lyubenov has not yet been filed in court.

"I often look on the internet to see if there is any news about the process. My hearing in France has been delayed, so the investigation does not appear to be progressing rapidly. "This is murder," she said.

Bridget found out from the media that there were also police officers involved.

The case against the policemen who escorted Lyubenov at the Sofia Ring Road was returned to the Prosecutor's Office

"Of course it shocked me a lot," she told bTV.

According to the prosecutor's office, shortly before the fatal accident, two uniformed men took a bribe of 200 leva from the drunken and drugged Lyubenov to escort him, not for him to wait for a drink and dryf.

However, the case against them failed to proceed. The court found violations in the indictment and returned it to the prosecutor's office.

Bridget and her sons are awaiting justice. But a fair verdict for them does not exist.

"A family was destroyed through his fault. Whatever pain there is, it will never be equal to ours," said Brigitte Petty.


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