The Financial Secretary, Paul Chan, submitted a report on special funds relating to national security expenditure to the Legislative Council. In his report, he pointed out that the HKSAR Government allocated $2020 billion in December 12 to cover the expenditure on safeguarding national security in the coming years. Another 80 billion yuan will be allocated in March this year. In other words, from the end of 3 to March this year, the government allocated 50 billion yuan to spend on national security maintenance.

However, since the Hong Kong National Security Law stipulates that relevant revenue and expenditure must be kept confidential, the details of revenue and expenditure are not disclosed in the report, and considering the special and confidential nature of the work, the Secretariat of the National Security Commission of the HKSAR has a dedicated accounting and finance team responsible for handling financial matters and reporting directly to the Financial Secretary. The Financial Secretary has reviewed the independently audited 2022 financial statements prepared for the earmarked items.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan delivers a report on national security expenditure to the Legislative Council (profile photo)

Due to the confidentiality requirement, the Financial Secretary only explained in the report that expenditure was mainly divided into two categories, namely recurrent expenditure, including remuneration and allowances, employment costs for specialized services, rent, other operating and administrative expenses, etc.; and non-recurrent expenditures, which include minor construction works, specialized equipment, system set-ups, machinery and vehicles, and other capital expenditures. The income was mainly interest income on deposits.

As Article 51 of the National Security Law stipulates that the funds of the Office for Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall be guaranteed by the central government, the HKSAR Government's allocation of $80 billion does not involve the expenses of any Office for National Security in Hong Kong.

The report also pointed out that under Article 19 of the Hong Kong National Security Law, the Financial Secretary allocated another $3 billion from the Government's general revenue in March this year to increase the special amount to cover expenses related to safeguarding national security. As this allocation was not incurred during the current reporting period to the Legislative Council, it will be reported in the next report.

Budget | Allocate 80 billion yuan for national security maintenance expenses The government will allocate another 50 billion yuan for non-recurrent expenditure on national security maintenance without legal restrictions, for the first time since 2020-21

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