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The municipal company "Trolleybus Transport" in Pleven built a photovoltaic power plant on the territory of its trolleybus depot in the "Druzhba" district. A total of 780 panels have been installed, with the annual capacity of the plant being 450 megawatt hours, Eng. Angel Nestorov, manager of the company.

The plant has been launched for five days and the electricity it produces already feeds the company's network. The electricity from the plant will cover on average about 10 percent of the needs of "Trolleybus Transport" per year. In the summer months, the share is expected to be about 20 percent, explained Eng. Nestorov, quoted by BTA.

The produced current is consumed at the time of production. In five days, 10 megawatt hours of electricity were produced, i.e. about two megawatt hours per day. There is an application that monitors the production of electricity every minute.

The largest photovoltaic power plant in Bulgaria - PV "Verila", is already operating

The construction of the photovoltaic plant cost BGN 550,000. of the company, which are own funds. In the words of Eng. Nestorov during the preparation of the project for the plant, when the price of megawatt hour of electricity was about BGN 250, it was estimated that the investment would return in four years. Now at the lower price of electricity from 180-200 leva. Per megawatt hour, the invested funds will be reimbursed in about five years, he added.

The investment in the construction of the photovoltaic plant and the expected lower costs for electricity have led to a positive result for the workers in "Trolleybus Transport". Since July 70st, drivers' salaries have been increased by BGN <>, it is not much, but I thought that since there will be electricity savings, it will be possible to improve the salary, commented Eng. Nestorov.

Mayor Georg Spartanski reminded that the public transport of Pleven is entirely environmentally friendly, being served by trolleybuses and electric buses. In his words, this investment, which is expected to reduce electricity costs, will continue to keep the ticket price affordable for citizens and to provide a quality service.

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