A new weather record was recorded in Kyiv.

According to observations of the meteorological station of the Borys Sreznevsky Central Geophysical Observatory, on July 7, a record amount of precipitation was recorded in the capital – 51.9 mm, which is 21.6 mm higher than the previous record figure in 1978.

On Monday, July 10, by the way, there will also be light rain.

Recall that in Kyiv on July 7, a volley downpour caused disasters: people were literally blown away by streams of water, some roads were damaged. Flooding occurred in Holosiivskyi and Pechersk districts. The water reached the underground passage near the metro station "Zvirynetskaya". There she flowed down the stairs like a fountain. In the shopping and entertainment center Ocean Plaza in one of the shops formed a fountain. Prior to this, visitors to this shopping center reported flooding of the premises itself.

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