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In post offices, the higher amounts of pensions are already paid, the funds have also been transferred to the accounts of the people who receive them by bank transfer. Those granted by the end of last year were increased by 12 percent, according to the so-called Swiss rule.

That's more than 2,013,700 retirees.

The National Social Security Institute specifies that the modernization of pensions does not affect the amounts received by 995 pensioners, as even before the increase their pensions exceed the statutory ceiling of BGN 3400,<>.

There are also 16,350 pensioners who have pensions granted this year. The update cost an additional over BGN 1 billion 147 million by the end of the year. After July 1, the number of people with a monthly amount of pensions and supplements below the poverty line of BGN 504 decreased by almost 50% - from 673,000 to 340,000.

The social old-age pension has been raised to BGN 276, but its amount affects other pensions not related to employment, which are defined as a percentage of it.

The Council of Ministers decided: The average pension in 2023 will be over BGN 788.