New water tanks are being built in the first phase of the project to provide stable drinking water for the city of Shusha.

"APA-Economics" reports that it has been reported by Azerbaijan.

It is estimated that 25,2022 people will benefit from the project to rebuild the city's water supply, sewerage, and rainwater system in Shusha, which is administered by the Azerbaijani National Water Resources Agency. According to the project, the city's drinking water needs will be met by existing Small Kirs, Zarean sources, and the Zarislichai water tank, which was exploited in 6. Three reservoirs with a total volume of 3,<> cubic feet [<>,<> cubic meters] have been designed to provide optimal distribution of water from these sources and to ensure stability in the city's water supply. The main work on the construction of the first warehouse has already been completed and the entrance and exit lines of the warehouse have been installed. Currently, insulation work is under way in the reservoir and the construction of auxiliary buildings is under way. Construction of the overall reservoir is scheduled to be completed by the end of the current year.

According to the project, the city of Shusha will create a 24-mile magnetic reserval, 44 km of drinking, 42 km of waste and 41 km of rainwater networks. At the same time, a drinking bathing facility with a capacity of 8,8000 cubic feet [<>,<> cubic meters] per milk will be built. Plans are also being made to build a wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of <>,<> cubic feet [<>,<> cubic meters] per milk to fully clean and dispose of wastewater in the city. The new infrastructure created in the city of Shusha will be governed by the Smart Water System. Water removal from the source, storage, storage levels, hydraulic regimes and other processes will be regulated online through SCADA systems.

Recall that shortly after the city of Shushan was liberated from invasion, the city's drinking water supply was restored. In 2020, reconstruction work was carried out in small Cyrus and Zareveh sources, as well as in magnetic fields, providing water to the city from both sources. At the same time, the city's prospective development and the creation of an alternative source of water have been launched at some point in the year because of a sharp decline in productivity in small Cyrus and Zaris. To that end, in December 25, a new pressure belt was constructed, with a capacity of 2,9 cubic feet [2022,7 cubic meters]. In the future, the Zarean water tank will be expanded to 5.<> million cubic feet [<>.<> million cubic meters].