Four pilotless flying machines have been shot down in new Moscow, with a fire in an auxiliary structure where the remains of one of them fell. There were no casualties as a result of the incident, and the fire continues to be extinguished.

The EPA reports to TASS that the Russian Emergency Service has leaked information about the case.

In all, the Air Force's Defense and Electronic Defense Forces have fought four pilotless aircraft attacks in three villages in New Moscow, the report said.

All the drones were airplanes, and they were heading for Moscow in the morning. Because these settlements are located near Vnukovo airport, 16 reys have been directed to Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has said several unmanned aircraft attacked in the city direction in the morning, all of which were hit by airstrikes. There have been no deaths or injuries. For safety purposes, some of the flights to Vnukovo airport have been diverted to other airports.

The Russian Defense Ministry has also released information about the matter. The report said Kiev tried to land strikes on objects in New Moscow and Moscow on Tuesday morning with pilotless flying machines (PUA) and destroyed all drones:

"Early this morning, the Kiev regime's attempt to carry out a terrorist attack on objects in the Moscow region and New Moscow with five pilotless aircraft was averted. Four PUA airstrikes belonging to Ukraine have been destroyed in new Moscow. Another PUA has crashed in the Odintsovo region of Moscow," the cabinet said.

MN noted that there were no casualties or destruction.

Maria Zacharova, an official spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called the attempted attack on Moscow by drones the Kiev regime the next terrorist attack, blaming western powers. He has accused the UNITED States, Britain and France - the face of the UN Security Council - of funding terrorism.