The OnlyFans model, who spent $130,000 on cosmetic surgery to transform into a real sex doll, says she will never stop doing plastic surgery.

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Alicia Amira dreams of being "the most plastic sex doll on the planet."

A 31-year-old woman from Sweden said: "I don't think I'll ever stop doing surgeries. That's a big part of me."

Alicia Amira / Photo: Newsflash

According to her, her appearance reflects how different men and women are and what their different roles are.
She added: "I don't agree that we have to be completely the same. I believe that a woman's role is to give pleasure to her husband and be the best "trophy wife". I like cooking for him, cleaning the house, making him fix the car and mowing the lawn."

Alicia's transformation began when she quit her job as a PR woman and began to change her appearance through surgeries. She underwent several surgeries on her chest, forehead, eyes, cheeks and lips.

Alicia Amira / Photo: Newsflash

Alicia then resorted to fillers for her cheeks, nose, chin and jaw, Botox all over her face, and PDO threads.

She also got eyebrow tattoos taller, thicker eyelashes and got tattoos on her fingers, chest, and neck. Now she describes herself as a real sex doll.

"I could have lived a normal life if I wanted to, but I decided to become a walking sexual object. I'm proud of my journey, every step of her, and all the steps I'm going to take," she said.

Alicia Amira / Photo: Newsflash

Alicia says that the life of a "plastic whore" is not for everyone, and she does not necessarily advise any girl in the future to follow her example. Although she added that if her daughter really wants big breasts and everything else, she will take her to the surgeon.

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