There must be a coalition agreement. This is the way of conducting dialogue and obtaining interaction between political entities. This is what the leader of Bulgarian Rise Bulgarian Risetold BTV defines himself as a national-conservative political party, but former Prime Minister and former Defense Minister Stefan Yanev By decree of President Rumen Radev of May 12, 2021, Stefan Yanevwas appointed caretaker.

According to him, it is not clear at the moment who is responsible and pointed out that maybe that was the goal.

Denkov: We don't have time for a coalition agreement

"The atmosphere in the National Assembly seems to me similar to that in the 48th Parliament, where the political forces did not leave their pre-election speech. We are not close to ruining this government, but it could happen at any moment. Things are not predictable in terms of political stability. Because of their common interests, this cooperation can continue, but it is also possible to end very quickly, "said Yanev.

"In this situation, we are ready for elections. We are also preparing for the local elections. They are different from parliamentary ones in terms of being majority, so we will have a regional approach. We have figures in many places. We will have participation in local coalitions," he stressed.

"We have our phones and we can talk when necessary," Yanev said when asked what his relations with President Radev are.

"I wouldn't say I've lost the confidence of the president. I have not done ala-bala with anyone, so there can be no talk of loss of confidence, "said Yanev.

In his words, the sparks that were created between Radev and Denkov because of the NATO summit were unfounded and unfounded. "It does not matter who represents Bulgaria at such an event," Yanev said. He stressed that it is equal whether Radev or Denkov will go.

Yanev pointed out that the message we will give at this meeting is strong support for Ukraine in the war. He commented that the aid we send to Ukraine is in the hands of the professional military leadership, who must say what we can and should not send. According to him, we have no way of knowing what we will send because it is classified information. "What we hear is that Ukraine is happy with what it gets," Yanev said.

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