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The Sofia City Court returned to the prosecution the case against the two policemen who escorted Dimitar Lyubenov on the Ring Road of Sofia. In the ruling of the court it is written that a substantial violation has been committed, which leads to a restriction of the rights of the accused persons.

In May, prosecutors gave the court the two police officers who rose to prominence after a serious crash last September.

In the accident, Lyubenov was driving at high speed and after using banned substances. His car hit another car, and a French woman died in a collision.

Lyubenov was arrested, and then it became clear that he had an escort of policemen, to whom, in his words, he paid 200 leva. We are talking about the uniformed Lyubka Gecheva and Georgi Malinski.

Malinski is accused of taking 200 leva as a policeman in order not to stop Lyubenov from driving, and also did not report the case.

He will also be responsible for the fact that after seeing the crash, he did not report it in the duty unit and did not provide assistance.

Two policemen involved in the crash of the Sofia Ring Road are brought to justice

Gecheva was taken to court only for an official crime and for not providing first aid in the incident on the Ring Road. She is not charged with bribery, BTA reported.

In order to return the case to the prosecutor's office, the court recorded that the accusation thus formulated was contrary to the stated facts and circumstances.

Accident with a dead

Dimitar Lyubenov

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