Singer Vladimir Dantes recently celebrated his 35th birthday.

On a holiday, the artist asked his fans and friends not to give him gifts, but rather to spend this money to help our defenders. On his Instagram page, Dantes reported how much money was raised and where he transferred them. The singer closed nine meetings at once for the needs of the Ukrainian military. In total, Volodymyr managed to collect almost 450 thousand hryvnias.

"It was the happiest birthday, because you gave the best gift - UAH 431,372 for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Here is where I transferred them: Alina Mikhailova - gopro and flash drives for training doctors - 41523 UAH; fee for two cars for the 127th brigade of TRO - 50000 UAH; fee for two SUVs for the Second Foreign Legion - 60000,59 UAH; for the 42140th brigade: collection for the antenna, adapters and cables - 37924 UAH, and for the DJI drone control panel - 53 UAH; fee for the 50000rd brigade: rubber for cars - 63 UAH; by car for 67269 brigades - 23 UAH; for kamikaze drones for 81000 OSB of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - 1500 UAH; Natalya Garipova - fee for zaviceft and colomycin - <> UAH! Thanks! This help and closed meetings became possible only thanks to you!" - shared Dantes.

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