Thousands of people attended this unique wedding of the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula

San Pedro Huamelulla:

People were clapping and dancing when the mayor of a small town in southern Mexico entered the venue, holding a crocodile in his hands. This female crocodile was prepared like a bride. Victor Hugo Sousa, the mayor of San Pedro Humellula, a town of indigenous Chontal people in Mexico's Tehuntepec Isthmus, re-enacted an ancestral ritual, accepting a crocodile named Alicia Adriana as his wife. It is a camon, a crocodile-like marshy creature found in Mexico and Central America.

"I accept the responsibility because we love each other. That's what's important. You can't get married without love... For the last 230 years, there has been a marriage between a man and a female Cayman. This practice started when two indigenous groups got married to establish peace.

Tradition has it that when a Chantal king, now known as mayor, married a princess of the Huawei indigenous group, represented by a female crocodile, the differences between the two groups were resolved. Huawei lives in the coastal state of Oaxaca, not far from this inland city.

Before the marriage ceremony, the crocodile is taken from house to house, so that the residents can take it in their lap and dance. The crocodile is dressed in a green skirt, a colourful hand-embroidered tunic and a headdress made of ribbon and sequins. The mouth of the creature is closed to avoid any accident before marriage. Later, she is dressed in a white bridal dress and taken to the town hall for the event.

In Mexico, such marriages are organized to strengthen human relationships with the environment and animals. This kind of marriage is common here. People believe that by doing this, God will fulfill all their wishes.

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