TV presenter Masha Efrosinina returned to Ukraine with her eight-year-old son Sasha and 19-year-old daughter Nana.

The star mother decided to bring the children to Kyiv so that they could meet with their father, businessman Timur Khromayev, who is now serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In Instagram stories, Masha shared a photo already at home with her sleeping son.

According to the presenter, the road from Poland to Ukraine was very difficult, and upon arrival in the capital they were met by sirens.

"17 hours behind the wheel from Warsaw to Kyiv. There is a Kabzdoepic collapse at the border - hundreds of cars to leave Ukraine. This, perhaps, is predictable due to the terrible information tension about ZNPP. But, interestingly, to enter Ukraine the same number of cars - the queue is kilometer, and almost does not move. We are at home with the kids, finally! "We celebrate" the return with two air raid alarms in a row: night and morning," Masha wrote.

Masha Efrosinina / Photo:

Recall that during the full-scale war, Efrosinina went abroad with her children and her mother. At first they were in Germany, but later Masha decided to move closer to Ukraine and arranged the life of her family in Poland.

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