The kidneys are perhaps the most important organ. They preserve nutrients while removing waste. The kidneys function as a filter of the body. They also help in the production of hormones that stimulate the growth of red blood cells. If you want to maintain kidney health, you need to know about a few superfoods worth eating.

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Onions are extremely useful for people who have kidney problems. It contains a substance called prostaglandin, which reduces blood viscosity. In addition, it regulates high blood pressure.

Egg protein

Protein promotes kidney health. Dialysis patients can also benefit from eggs because they are a source of protein.


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Consuming garlic also contributes to kidney health. It not only adds flavor to food, but also gives the body nutrients.


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Cabbage contains very little sodium. It contains enough fiber, vitamin K, and vitamin C. You can consume cabbage in salads to maintain kidney health.

Olive oil


Olive oil contains healthy fats. They help maintain kidney health. Therefore, instead of using any other oil during cooking, use olive oil.

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