"Despite different political and economic systems, the European Union and China have common interests in continuing constructive and stable relations, international order based on rules, balanced activity and relationships based on mutual respect," he said.

The EPA reports that it was mentioned in the final document of the EU Council's discussions on China in Brussels today.

The document states that the ECB continues its multifaceted political approach to the country, with China as a partner and at the same time a rival.

"The European Union will continue to work with China to deal with global calls and will encourage China to take more ambitious action on climate change and biodiversity, health and pandemic readiness, food security, disaster reduction, debt disposal and humanitarian aid," the document said.
The EU Council also stresses that the European Union and China are important trading and economic partners.

"The European Union will seek to create equal opportunities for trade and economic relations to be balanced, mutually beneficial. In line with the Versailles agenda, the EU will continue to reduce critical dependencies and vulnerabilities including supply chains and address and diversify risks where necessary and appropriate."

The EU Council also adds that the bloc has no intention of pursuing isolation policies from China.
"China has a special responsibility to maintain an international order based on rules as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, the UN Charter and international law, "he said. "Thus, the European Council calls on China to pressure Russia to stop its aggressive war and immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw its troops from Ukraine," the final document notes.