As the epidemic recedes and society returns to normal, this year's Hong Kong Arts Development Awards has also resumed its physical award ceremony, which is of particular significance to both the art and cultural sectors and the current awardees. The award presentation ceremony was successfully held on 6 June at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Centre. A total of 17 awards were presented to local artists, organisations, schools and organisations to highlight their achievements in the arts and their contributions to the development of the arts in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Arts Development Awards has been organised since 2003 and has been in its <>th edition. The Rising Artist Award recognises, supports and encourages young and emerging artists in six categories. The awards are categorised by arts sector, including art criticism, dance, drama, film, literary arts, media arts, music, visual arts and opera.

Winner of the Artistic Rookie Award (Dance) – Mr. Mak Cheuk Hung

As the founder and artistic director of the local dance company's dance hall, as a representative of the new generation of powerful people in the dance industry, he has a solid training background, stable and calm typhoons, coupled with rich and diversified expression, he can show a strong sense of pressure on the stage and present his own unique works. He has a unique vision of local dance creation, and invites different dancers to watch his performances to gather their opinions, which shows his boldness and enthusiasm. As a new generation of dancers, his goal is not only on stage, but also "to continue to provide a platform for young people who are interested in the development of performing arts to find more resources and space."

"Lost Corner"; Photo credit: Ar Liu Photography

Winner of the Art Rookie Award (Drama) – Mr. Cheng Jun Chi

Cheng Kwan Chi, Master of Performing Arts in Musical Theatre at Guildford College for Performing Arts, UK, has acted in more than 70 stage productions so far, is a senior actor in musical theater, has participated in many different types of performances, and has won many local and overseas nominations and awards. In recent years, he has actively served as a singing director for different productions, and even participated in the creation, translation, lyrics, etc., which is quite good in development and ability, and can also feel his passion for musical theater. He believes that musicals originated in the West, but that doesn't mean we can't go our own way. Cantonese has nine tones, and although it is more challenging to fill in the words than other languages, I also hope to create my own works and perform them on stage, so that more people can understand the local musicals and shine with their brilliance."

"The Great King"; Photo credit: Wing Hei Photography

Winner of the Art Rookie Award (Film) – Ms. Zeng Mi

Mi Tsang is an excellent photographer and designer, she participated in the Hong Kong International Film Festival "Light and Shadow Wave: Hong Kong Film New Dynamics Stills Exhibition", a stills tour exhibition in more than 10 regions, using graphic photography to show the colorful face of Hong Kong films. For most people, the job of a stills artist is mainly to provide photos for the promotion of the film, but he once said that he wanted to let the audience see the other side of the film, uncover the mystery behind the production, and use the lens to tell the story of the filmmaking. In recent years, she has participated in the filming and production of the latest version of "Nine Songs" poster shooting and promotional video of Hong Kong Dance Company, and collaborated with video artist Bao Kelun to design video installations, and also dared to innovate and produce artistic animation NFTs.

"Rage"; Photo credits: Emperor Films, Yindu Organization, Tencent Pictures, director Chen Musheng, executive producer Chen Musheng and Donnie Yen

Winner of the Art Rookie Award (Literary Arts) – Dr. Tsang Fanyu

He has published novellas such as "Day", "Low Level Love", "Silent Love and Nothingness", "They in the Posthuman Era" and the novel collection "Three". His works are philosophical and pay attention to the advancement of literary skills, injecting modern and Hong Kong characteristics into his creations, but there are no traces in between. In addition, he spares no effort in promoting literature, which is a rare young writer in recent years. His fascination with writing also stems from a deep understanding of faith, and he believes that "God created the world with words and speaks to the world through words rather than images through the Bible, so I also hope to seek and enrich meaning through writing".

His works have been published in various gardens

Winner of the Art Rookie Award (Media Arts) – Mr. Cheng Chi Lee

A graduate of the School of Creative Media (Critical Transmedia Lab) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Creative Communication) of City University of Hong Kong, Cheng continues to explore a wide range of art media, with a particular focus on experimental video creation and mixed-media installations, including ONLY3MATTERS. He has a large number of works, and is good at using multiple new media techniques to interpret the combination of daily life and art, and has applied programming to his works to think about the possibilities of artificial intelligence in the future. His dream is to become a professor who will bring his accumulated artistic knowledge, life experience and creative resources back to different communities in Hong Kong.


Winner of the Artistic Rookie Award (Music) – Dr. Lo Ding-chang

Lo Ting-cheung breaks with the traditional framework of blending literature and music into large-scale original opera and oratorio works, and is passionate about promoting Hong Kong literature across sectors. Lo spent a lot of effort and time filling in the Cantonese lyrics, and all the rhymes were correct, which shows that his skill has reached a certain level. In recent years, his creative and performance activities have been quite large and diverse, with a wide audience. He plans to create musical theater works more intensively in the future, hoping that what will bring the audience is not instant sensory stimulation, but that the work can become an inspiration in their lives, guiding them to think and reflect.

"Happy Family and Dog"

Winner of the Art Rookie Award (Visual Arts) – Mr. Jiang Kaiqin

Jiang Kaiqin used to work in art administration, and is now a full-time seal engraver, and has also set up a studio to talk about affairs. He creates interesting and personal contemporary seal carvings that build on tradition, echo contemporary humanistic values, and incorporate elements of literature, religion and pop culture. Although seal carving is not widely known to the public, Jiang Kaiqin has been persevering in his creation and striving to promote the art of seal carving, which is worthy of praise. As for future artistic practice, he expressed his hope to "continue to walk on two legs, learning and passing on traditions, while discovering creative inspiration in everyday life".

"Bridges and Flows Without Flow" exhibition

The winners of each award took a group photo with a group of guests

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