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The relatives of Miroslava Stoyanova, torn by dogs in Dolna Oryahovitsa, ask the municipal hospital in Gorna Oryahovitsa for BGN 450,000. compensation for her death. The family has hired a lawyer and claims MHAT "St. Ivan Rilski", in which the woman worked as a nurse, to pay, because according to the Bulgarian legislation the tragedy is an accident at work.

The shocking claim was confirmed by the manager of the hospital, Dr. Ivan Ivanov, but refused any comment before a meeting with the lawyer representing the family. It will be held tomorrow afternoon with the mayor of Gorna Oryahovitsa Dobromir Dobrev, as the hospital is municipal.

The tragedy shook Dolna Oryahovitsa on March 30. On a fateful morning, the 41-year-old woman was going to work at the hospital when she was attacked and torn apart by five ferocious dogs kept on a property next door to her home. Aggressive four-legged animals inflicted injuries incompatible with life. People present at the inspection commented that the dogs had bitten her legs to the bone.

Dogs that killed a woman in Dolna Oryahovitsa euthanized

Almost three months later, Miroslava's family sought retribution for her death. Her underage son and her parents each demanded BGN 150,000. compensation. An invitation for voluntary performance to the employer is entered.

The National Social Security Institute has recognized the woman's case as an accident at work and if the clinic refuses to satisfy the request of relatives, a lawsuit will follow. According to lawyers, the outcome of it is foretold, as the Social Security Code clearly states that an accident at work is also considered an accident that occurred during the usual way when going to or returning from the workplace to the main place of residence.

The investigation is awaiting a veterinary examination and has not yet been completed. The defendant in the tragedy - Ivalin Stratiev, who raised the killer dogs, is waiting for a criminal trial in custody.


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Killed by dogs

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