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"Military aid was given during Kiril Petkov's cabinet, it was given during the caretaker government and we have more to provide. The Ukrainian army needs not only Western weapons." This is what former Deputy Minister of Defence Yordan Bozhilov said on BTV.

"First of all, production has been provided by our factories. We know what our military factories produce - mainly shells, large-caliber tank shells, various missile systems. The other thing that is not said and we do not know what is given in the form of providing Vazov Machine Building Plants (VMZ) for stock renovation. As the Minister said, it is clear where the stocks handed over to the VMZ have gone," he said.

Government approves new military aid package to Ukraine

"The March on Moscow"

"The analysis of objective data leads to several conclusions. It was a real rebellion, not a staging. Prigozhin's goal was to change the leadership of the Ministry of Defense. He has denied that he wants to overthrow Putin. He also said he was aiming at Wagner's defense. Prigozhin accused the Russian army of shelling positions of the private army," the former deputy defense minister added.

Bozhilov recalled that the Ministry of Defense of Russia planned to close the private armies, which are dozens because they pose a risk.


Yordan Bozhilov