The rebellion of the leader of PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin once again showed the inevitability of Russia's defeat. Prigogine's attempted coup demonstrated the absence of the Russian state.

This was stated on the air of the TV channel FREEDOM by Russian politician, publicist Andrei Piontkovsky.

"When Prigozhin went to the headquarters of the Southern Military District, which is waging war against Ukraine, and no one resisted him, and two generals, the deputy defense minister one and the other the deputy chief of the General Staff, talked to him agreeably, and then he sent his unit to Moscow. Along the way, not a single military detachment resisted, but on the contrary, many went over to his side. And then we saw this atmosphere of farewell to the "Wagnerites" who were leaving Rostov. This is after Putin called them traitors. But people's sympathies were on their side. That's the main impression," Piontkowski said.

According to Piontkovsky, two parties have now emerged in the Russian elite – an "honorable draw" and an "honorable surrender". And it is Prigogine who can be called the head of the "party of honorable surrender."

"Conventionally, I call one "party of an honorable draw" – this is Putin and people close to him. They accuse Ukraine of all sorts of intermediaries who offer the same thing – a ceasefire, a significant part of Ukrainian territory remains in Russian hands, and Putin sells this to his pipl as an honorable draw. But most people in Moscow, including those in power, understand that this is unrealistic: neither Ukraine nor the West will agree to this "honorable draw". And I would call this party the "party of honorable surrender." They understand that Russia will have to accept the terms of Zelensky's plan and the demand of the Group of Seven for the complete withdrawal of occupation troops. And now, in my opinion. Prigozhin is the frontman of this party," the publicist believes.

According to Piontkovsky, the campaign against Moscow was conceived by the "party of honorable surrender" in order to frighten dictator Putin, show that he has no support either in society or in law enforcement agencies, and persuade him to fulfill his demands.

"I believe that this result was a brilliant success," the publicist summed up.

Recall that to arrange a "march on Moscow" the owner of PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin could inspire the Russian "warship" Semyon Pegov.

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