Special day of Lord Hanuman: Astrologer explains how to worship Hanuman.

Hanuman Pujan Astrology Tips: It is believed that a woman should never worship Ram devotee and Brahmachari Lord Hanuman directly. It is said that there should be no direct encounter with the statue of Hanumanji. Worship should be done by staying a little away or not face to face. However, there are some temples where women can go up to the idol. By going to such temples, women should worship Hanumanji (Hanuman ji) and take a special measure. Which can remove their trouble. Astro Expert (Astrology) has shared a special remedy on his Instagram account.

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If you worship Hanuman ji in this way, then all obstacles will be removed! (Worship Hanuman ji like this all the obstacles will be removed)

What are the ways to make Hanuman ji happy?

This remedy of Hanumanji has been shared from the Instagram handle named Astro Seeker. According to which women should go to Hanuman ji's temple especially on Tuesday or Saturday. For this special remedy, they should wear a brass, copper or iron ring in their finger. Women who go to the temple wearing this ring should worship in front of Hanuman ji. While worshiping, the ring should be taken off at the feet of God. After the puja, the ring should be left there and returned.

How to pray?

After offering the ring at the feet of Lord Hanuman, what women have to say in prayer has also been told on the Instagram handle of the Astro seeker. According to which the women have to say, 'I am not Sita Mata but I am in trouble. After telling this remedy, the astro seeker has also claimed that after this Hanuman ji will get involved in removing the problems of his devotees. If you are also in any trouble, then you can try these easy remedies told by Astro Seeker.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on common assumptions and information.

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