Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu, who has been in office for nearly a year, recently gave an exclusive interview to the media, where he not only reviewed his work since taking office, but also talked about his health and relationship with his family. Li Jiachao, who has mentioned practicing qigong many times, said that he has opened many acupuncture points and will also operate on his own. Referring to his wife, he said he had promised to travel with her at the end of his term.

Li Jiachao said that he has practiced qigong for more than 20 years and has opened up many acupuncture points to keep his body healthy. (Profile photo/Photo by Zhang Haowei)

Half an hour's drive, practicing qigong while chatting with his wife

In an exclusive interview with China News Agency, Lee Ka-chiu was asked, "'Superman' is no longer enough to describe your diligence, can you share your greatest motivation for maintaining such enthusiasm and energy?" Li Jiachao replied that being energetic every day, practicing qigong is a factor. Although he has less time since becoming chief executive, he still practices in "fragments", such as during a half-hour drive or while chatting with his wife at home. "Because I have been practicing Qigong for more than 20 years, many acupuncture points have been opened, and they will also operate by themselves, and I am very fortunate that I have accumulated this aspect for many years."

After practicing Qigong for more than 20 years, Li Jiachao said that a harvest is a cultivation, and when he was in his 40s, he practiced Qigong for 1 hour a day, and he already had some cultivation, "The health reward is certain."

Less time to see family "points deducted"

In good health, Li Jiachao is busy with work and has much less time to see his family. He bluntly said that even if he met, he couldn't completely put down his work, "so in terms of attention, I must have deducted points, but they are very supportive and I am grateful to them." He said that he had promised his wife that he would "wander the rivers and lakes and be at ease" with her at the end of his term, adding that he hoped that after completing his work during his term of office, Hong Kong society would generally progress, so that they could "laugh together".

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