President Biden gifts T-shirt to PM Modi

New Delhi:

PM Modi is on a visit to America. On Friday, he held a meeting with CEOs of several companies, during which President Biden was also with him. Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Mukesh Ambani, Anand Mahindra and Tim Cook were among the CEOs who attended the special meeting. During the meeting, US President Joe Biden gifted a T-shirt to PM Modi. On this T-shirt, America and India (AI) is the future, the coat was written. Let us know that PM Modi, while referring to AI during his address to the US Parliament, had said that just as the future of AI is coming, the future for the world is America and India (AI).

Pm Modi attended the Technology Handshake Program with Joe Biden at the White House. Top business leaders from India and America were present in this program. According to the report, 1200 Indian and American business tycoons were involved in this event. During the meeting, Biden said that the meaning of mutual cooperation between India and America is important for everyone.

Pm Modi said that the youth of India is making a mark on the basis of their talent all over the world. This combination of talent and technology has brought guarantee for a brighter future. This morning is among a few friends, but this morning will bring a guarantee of a brighter future. This is an opportunity to carry forward President Biden's vision and strength and India's aspirations and possibilities.

On this occasion, PM Modi attended the lunch at the State Department with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Vice President Kamala Harris. Pm Modi said that the friendship and cooperation between the people of India and America should be deepened. Your contribution to strengthening our strategic partnership has been incredible."