The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe fully supported the Resolution "Political consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine" and Volodymyr Zelenskyy's Peace Plan.

This was reported by MP Maria Mezentseva.

As noted, PACE supported Ukraine's accession to NATO and the Ukrainian "formula of peace" proposed by Volodymyr Zelensky.

In particular, the Resolution reads about:

  • Continuation and strengthening of additional civilian and military assistance, in particular through the re-export of own goods.
  • Creation of strategic European economic autonomy from Russian oil and gas as the main tool for blackmailing Europe.
  • Measures to prevent the resale of Russian minerals to Europe through third countries.
  • Expanding the list of individuals and legal entities subject to restrictive measures in the Russian Federation, Belarus and third countries.
  • Introduction of the main categories for the purpose of special supervision to avoid evasion of sanctions.
  • The process of establishing a harmonized mechanism for monitoring compliance with sanctions and tracking their evasion, in particular through the resale of goods through third countries.
  • The creation of a public register of companies and individuals working in favor of Russian interests helps to evade sanctions.
  • Recognition of PMC "Wagner" and other paramilitary formations participating in the invasion of the Russian Federation ("Kadyrov's Unit" and others) as terrorist groups.
  • Recognition of the Russian regime as one that follows the dangerous ideology of Rashism. Rashism consists of hundreds of examples of war crimes and directly promotes the crime of genocide.
  • Establishment of the field of science of Russian colonial policy, in order to study the past policies and practices of the Russian Federation aimed at the implementation of imperialist policy.
  • The recognition of the Russian Federation guilty of a war crime - the crime of ecocide, which occurred by blowing up the Kakhovka hydroelectric station in order to stop the counteroffensive.
  • Creation of strategic economic autonomy from Russian gas and oil, which are used by Russia to expand its imperialist geopolitical goal.

"Separately recognizes the intention of the Russian Federation to blow up the ZNPP, creating a threat to the entire continent," Maria Mezentseva stressed.

Recall that the list of Russia's demands to Ukraine at the talks in March 2022 became known.

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