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A scandal swirled in the plenary hall at the end of the hearing of Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov.

Nastimir Ananiev from PP-DB turned to the Minister on the part of the flood damage in northwestern Bulgaria that is not covered by insurance companies.

ToshkoYordanov Hadjitodorov is a Bulgarian screenwriter and politician. He was born on May 2, 1970 from ITN made a remark to Stoyanov: "I understand that you are a new minister and you have ready-written answers, but at least to give you two or three versions, not to look ridiculous when you answer."

Minister Kalin Stoyanov: Only three municipalities affected by the floods have requested financial assistance so far

Then he bit Ananiev for asking him about insurance: "There is a majority in the National Assembly, and you sit here and wringing fingers. What happened is not an earthquake that does not depend on state measures. It's not people's fault they don't have insurance, it's the state's fault for what happened. Once again, and it will continue to happen. People have every right to take a pavement and go to the Council of Ministers, let's see how insured the ministers are, "he said.

Ananiev did not miss to answer Yordanov: "This is not a show. Your wild populism must stop. If you had bothered a little, Mr. whatever your name was there, listen to what I said, you would have understood."

Yordanov replied: "Nastimir Ananiev, whose name I know for the simple reason that: when we first entered parliament, he was from Maya Manolova's coalition. He called me on the phone and asked me to press the CEC so that our MP could come in from somewhere, and he would come in from Pazardzhik, and then he would immediately come from us. So, I've known Nastimir's name ever since, and all the parties he went through like a little mischievous butterfly know him. I know he's a vagabond — a little inept. I know the name of the butterfly fortune-teller Nastimir."

Ananiev replied: "A lot of sides have been said here. He must learn that he must not lie from this platform. I've been to parties. In "Citizens' Bulgaria" and in VOLT. In the first you brought your son, prayed to Meglena Kuneva Meglena Kunevais a Bulgarian politician, the first European commissioner from Bulgaria.Kuneva was born at the age of 22 to take him for an internship and arrange the boy. "

"This Nastimir thing interfered with my son. He was at the Italian Lyceum and was going to apply. The requirements are for him to have an internship. I talked to Kuneva if they don't mind. She was very human. To use the fact that a child wants to learn and gain experience is disgraceful, but this is your level. You're a putter. Whatever you say, we know it's true, and when you go to bed at night, you know it's true. If you continue to talk like this, I have a bad character and it is not good to meet in private, "added Yordanov.

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