(CNN Spanish) -- This Tuesday, the Peruvian Judiciary ordered the capture of Betssy Chávez, who served as president of the Council of Ministers of former President Pedro Castillo when he tried to unconstitutionally dissolve Congress, on December 7, 2022.

Chavez is being investigated for the alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy to the detriment of the State. The Judiciary disseminated its decision through its Twitter account. A group of police officers went to Chávez's home in the city of Tacna, a region bordering Chile, where they successfully executed the arrest warrant.

The Attorney General's Office is investigating the probable responsibility of former Castillo government officials in the former president's attempt to unconstitutionally dissolve Congress. Among those investigated is Betssy Chávez, who has denied involvement in Castillo's coup attempt.

  • There will be no early elections in Peru, Dina Boluarte stays. This was confirmed by the president herself.

A video from the security cameras of the Government Palace, broadcast on March 5 by the program "Panorama" of Panamericana Television, shows images of the former president of the Council of Ministers accompanying Pedro Castillo during the reading of the message to the Nation where she announces the dissolution of the Peruvian parliament.

The decision of the Permanent Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice was known after declaring founded the appeal by the Prosecutor's Office to a previous request for preventive detention. Thus, Judge César San Martín ordered 18 months of preventive detention and ordered the "immediate capture" of Betssy Chávez. Until this decision, the former president of the Council of Ministers remained with appearance with restrictions in the framework of the investigation against her.


It should be remembered that Castillo is currently detained, serving 18 months of preventive detention by court order, in the midst of the investigation that the Prosecutor's Office is carrying out on the events that occurred in December 2022. The Prosecutor's Office investigates the former president for the alleged crimes of rebellion and conspiracy. Castillo is serving, in parallel, 36 months of preventive detention for alleged acts of corruption committed during his government.

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