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A jeep with Moldovan registration almost caused a serious accident on the road Ruse-Sofia. The dangerous situation was filmed with a video recorder.

The footage shows the driver of the jeep driving in the opposite direction and passing within inches of two cars. Iskren Iskrev gave two signals to 112. However, the police never responded.

A check was ordered after the NOVA signal.

The situation took place at the Ruse-Byala section on Monday around 06:00 am.

Driver drives at 120 km/h in the opposite direction of the Hemus highway

"Shortly after I left Ruse, a car with Moldovan registration undertook an overtaking of a section where this is prohibited," says Iskren Iskrev. "I expected him to overtake only me, but he continued in the opposite direction," Iskren Iskrev said.

The Jeep passed two other cars within centimeters.

"Fortunately, the blow passed. I alerted 112, told the operator that if they stopped him on the way to Byala, I would also stop to show the video to the police," Iskrev said.