A resident of Brazil named Wildson was called the "male devil" after transforming his body through invasive procedures.

Writes about it dailystar.co.uk.

At the age of 16, he made himself his first piercing with a sewing needle. Now he is 35 years old. During this time, he spent about $ 20, 000 on various modifications.

It boasts tattooed eyes, holes in its nostrils, and implants in its forehead.

Wildson / Photo: dailystar.co.uk

During his last procedure, he split his tongue and penis into two parts.

Although he likes his unique appearance, Wildson claims that not everyone accepts him.

He said, "When people see me, they get scared, go and baptize me as if I were something evil. I used to be called the "devil" or the "crazy dog." Some meet me with fear, and some with unconditional love, affection and respect, believing that this is pure art."

Wildson / Photo: dailystar.co.uk

As for his most unusual body modification — his forked penis — Wildson thinks it's worth it.

Surprisingly, he also claims that it wasn't as painful as tattooing his tongue.

"I have piercings and tattoos on my genitals, but it's cut in the middle on my glans. I think my most difficult and painful modification was staining my tongue black — the penis is less painful," he admitted.

Wildson / Photo: dailystar.co.uk

He believes that people in his country are proud of his appearance, and extreme treatments of this kind make him "unique".

As for his personal life, Wildson is currently single, but hopes that his future partner will support his appearance.

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