A replacement for Geshev should not have been elected in this way. The situation happened "from thorn to hawthorn". The same reasoning with which the Prosecutor General was removed can be applied to Sarafov. If you were a replacement for a person who according to the public does not trust him and you were on his team, you also carry the stigma of that mistrust. To go through a normal procedure and choose a person who enjoys public trust. This was stated for "Your Day" by Iskren Mitev from PP-DB.

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The attempted assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev and his requested resignation 485

According to him, PP-DB does not want citizens' access to the spending of public funds to be restricted.

Nelly Koutskova: Sarafov's appointment is in the interest of people who are afraid of pending cases, including Borisov

"GERB is not our partner in power. Our rotational management with them is based on mistrust and tolerance. I believe that there should be no immunities, and if there is, when requested, it should be given immediately. This shows that the man believes he is innocent of the charges brought against him," he said.

In his words, Vazrazhdane should suffer image damage from Peevski's presence in the Commission for Constitutional Amendments.

"The abstention and against buttons carry the same meaning. We will talk to all parties about constitutional reform. We're looking for a majority and we want to do it. An attempt to introduce non-existent intrigue is the question of why we are talking to the DPS. We are talking to everyone because the Bulgarian citizens have nominated them, although someone may not like it," the MP commented.

Regarding the "Barcelonagate" case, Mitev explained that after reading the available data from Geshev's report, he found that there was nothing new in the information. "Radev does not work as president, he builds relations before the local elections. He behaves like a man who will create his own party," he said.

The Assassination Attempt on Ivan Geshev and His Demanded Resignation

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