Instead of neon, rich and elegant shades

According to Rachel Rachel's personal stylist, shopper and founder, Rachel, this summer, trends are leaning towards elegance and luxury. This means that it is better to leave a highlighter and neon-colored T-shirts in the past. The stylist recommends paying attention to bright, saturated colors, but avoiding oversaturated shades.

Dresses with patterns are best replaced with intricate silhouettes

This summer, according to fashion stylist and creative consultant Carl Landig, elegant dresses with intricate silhouettes will be fashionable. Therefore, it is better to forget about too childish options or patterns for a while. The elegant silhouette will help create a classic, light and chic style of the Frenchwoman. The stylist stressed that ribbed knitwear or tight silk are suitable for both day and evening looks.

Forget dark denim

If you choose jeans, it is better to stay on white or light denim, says Landig. Relaxed silhouettes with a straight or wide cut have become popular in the summer of 2023, which can be combined with different shades to emphasize the image.

Take a braided belt, not an ordinary leather one

Personal stylist and image consultant at Pivot Image Consulting Patrick Kenger thinks it's best to put ordinary leather belts in the back of the closet this summer. After all, wicker options look much more stylish with summer dresses and other clothes. And such belts help to create a light image.

Retro style bikinis change to solid silhouettes from the 90s

For a long time, fashion trends looked towards bikinis, but in 2023 everything has changed. One-piece sets in the style of the 90s look something new and fresh, especially if you want to look stylish at any moment. In the summer of 2023, you need to pay attention to high-cut swimsuits in the thigh area. It helps to visually lengthen the legs and create a simple silhouette.

Change sandals for clogs

Sabo is a unique shoe that combines comfort, fashion and orthopedic support. It is also perfect for those days when you have an imperfect pedicure.

Leggings are best replaced with cargo pants

According to Karl Landig, small-sized items are returning to fashion this summer. It is not known whether this is an attempt to abandon leggings and sports style in everyday looks, or just cargo pants have returned to the list of fashionable things. Be that as it may, but they are definitely worth adding to your summer wardrobe. And they go well with sneakers or clogs.

Open waist-shirts

It is better to replace them with elegant and simple styles, because minimalist chic will be a special "highlight" of the summer season of 2023. And fashion is also a voluminous bottom, and such T-shirts are perfectly combined with it. They can also be worn under a blazer or cardigan. Stylist Landig offers to complete his image with a massive chain that will help pay attention to the neckline.

Espadrilles instead of pantoflies

When it comes to summer shoes, Carl Landig says it's best to ditch pantoflies and replace them with espadrilles. These are everyday canvas slippers with fibrous soles. The stylist noted that the Vietnamese almost never look stylish, so espadrilles will help save any image.

In the summer of 2023, skinny tight jeans are no longer fashionable

Rachel Varney recommends avoiding skinny jeans that tighten your legs too much. In the heat they are inconvenient to wear, and they have long been outdated. If you're not ready for the wide options, try fitted jeans.

For a more modern look, choose silver

Silver in the summer of 2023 seems more modern and clean, and therefore it is better to choose silver jewelry over gold. However, gold, according to stylists, will not go anywhere, just summer looks look cleaner with silver chains, bracelets and rings.

It is better to replace black sunglasses with colored ones

Landig recommends removing black sunglasses to the back of the cabinet for a while and buying color options instead. Colorful bright lenses are also in fashion. Fresh shades will help add brightness to your summer look.

According to Insider.

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