Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik for the first time in a long time got in touch with his fans.

In particular, the performer gave the first interview in more than a year. This was reported by journalist Victoria Kurochka, who on the YouTube channel "KRK" announced a conversation with the singer.

In a short teaser, Oleg Vynnyk said that he suffers from a very serious disease, which affects a very small percentage of people in Germany, and all previously voiced diagnoses are false: "This disease in Germany affects 2% of people."

Oleg Vynnyk / Photo:

Also, the artist in an interview said that he regretted that during the war in Ukraine due to illness he was not at the front: "I will only regret one thing - that I do not hold weapons in my hands and that I am not there."

In the teaser, Vinnik said that all this time he was supported by a loved one, namely a woman about whom everyone knows: "The one who is closest to me, with whom I often sleep. She, not him. You know her, yes."

On Instagram, Victoria Kurochka noted that the interview with Oleg Vinnik will be in two parts, and the first will soon be released on her YouTube channel.

Recall that at the beginning of a full-scale war, Oleg Vynnyk disappeared from the information space and did not get in touch. There were many speculations on the Web about where the singer went, what happened to him and where he is. Later it became known that he was being treated in Germany. The artist went there before the start of a full-scale war.

In late April, the performer embarrassed fans. All posts about the Russian invasion disappeared from his photoblog. A friend of the performer said that in fact it was not Vynnyk who did it, and shocked whose hands it was.

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