In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, the bride canceled the wedding when she realized that the groom was pretty drunk during the wedding ceremony.

Writes about it Times of India.

The publication writes that everything went well until the bride realized that the groom was drunk when he took the stage for the Jai Mala ceremony, which is the main Indian wedding traditional ritual. Seeing that the young man was drunk, the bride was very angry. The bride's family was also shocked. The bride even began to cry loudly - and the wedding rituals stopped.

There were discussions between both families whether to continue the wedding. In the end, the bride's family decided to report the drunk groom to the police, after which law enforcement officers took action and took the groom to the police station. After long negotiations, the groom returned to the bride's family all the money spent on the wedding, and only then he and his family were able to return to their village.

Recall that in Nigeria, the wedding ended in tragedy. During the ceremony, a boat capsized, more than 100 people died.

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