The German newspaper Stern refuted a fake about a coma in which the head of Ukrainian intelligence Kyrylo Budanov allegedly is. Stern magazine stated that it did not publish the news about the wound of the head of the Main Intelligence of Ukraine. The mouthpieces of the Kremlin invented the so-called "brain injury".

The rebuttal was provided in a June 17 Stern article.

"Stern has not published such news. Therefore, this story is nothing more than an outright fake, another fake news of Russian propagandists," the statement reads.

Stern did write about Budanov, but the last time was on February 28, 2023. Then the article talked about the possibility of supplying the PRC with weapons to the Russian Federation.

Meanwhile, the newspaper notes, disinformation about Budanov's "serious wound" has already appeared in translation into other languages. Thus, on the website of the fake, according to Stern, Italian news agency Nova News, which is apparently used by the Russian Federation to spread its own propaganda, an article on this topic was published in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Serbian, French and Croatian.

"Apparently, there is a targeted disinformation campaign on the part of the Russian Federation directed against Budanov. Thus, the propaganda RIA Novosti wrote two days ago that the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate was allegedly seriously wounded during a missile strike on Kyiv on May 29, and he was taken to Berlin. Also, the pro-government Russian news agency also claimed that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny was seriously wounded," the statement reads.

The day before, propaganda spread a fake that Budanov "was seriously wounded and is 'in a coma'. In particular, the so-called wound of Budanov was written by ex-deputy from OPZZh, and now fugitive Illia Kyva.

Russian propagandists did not hesitate and began to actively spread fakes that the head of the Ukrainian intelligence Kyrylo Budanov was "wounded" and allegedly in a coma.

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