From tomorrow - June 19, the traffic in the roadway to Sofia in the area of the viaduct at the 67th km of Trakia Motorway will be restricted and the traffic will be redirected bidirectionally in the roadway to Burgas, the Road Infrastructure Agency announced.

The temporary organization will be introduced to continue the replacement of expansion joints of the bridge facility.

If necessary, at the end of the working week – on Friday, when many people are on the road, and on Sunday, when most drivers return to the capital, reverse traffic will be organized in the section. Then two lanes will be separated in the direction with heavy traffic.

Repairs are scheduled to be completed by July 10.

Again from tomorrow, June 19 to June 23 at night, traffic will be restricted in the pipe to Varna of the Vitinya tunnel of Hemus Motorway for the repair of the fire alarm system of the facility. Several car fires destroyed elements of the system and in order to restore them, traffic to Varna should be stopped, RIA said.

During the repair works from 21:6 to 30:1 the traffic in the direction of Varna will be redirected from the 47th km of Hemus Motorway at the road connection "Vitinska Reka" on road I-<> Sofia - Botevgrad and at <> km - road junction "Botevgrad", the cars will continue the traffic on the highway.

The traffic restriction will be for four consecutive nights:

- from 21:19 on June 6 /Monday/ to 20 am on June <> /Tuesday/;

- from 21:20 on June 6 /Tuesday/ to 21 am on June <> /Wednesday/;

- from 21:21 on June 6 /Wednesday/ to 22 am on June <> /Thursday/;

- from 21:22 on June 6 /Thursday/ to 23 am on June <> /Friday/.

The Road Infrastructure Agency apologizes to the drivers for the inconvenience, but the repair and restoration works are necessary to ensure safe travel on the motorway.

The appeal to drivers is to drive carefully, at a reasonable speed, to strictly follow the road signs and not to take risky overtaking to endanger the safety and lives of all passengers.

Trakia Motorway

Restricted movement

Hemus Motorway