The first Air Strikes Festival in Azerbaijan was held on June 17-18.

According to the EPA, concert and entertainment programs for guests during the festival have also been organized, as well as master classes on a variety of topics. The project was presented to the participants, and airplanes and flights were reported.

The show flight on June 17 and the festival's main flights with guests in the early hours of June 18. Early this morning, the Sky of Shammah was covered with a variety of designed airs.

Tahir Mohammadov, head of the Shamaxi Regional Executive Authority, who spoke at the official opening ceremony of the festival in Shamaxi, said that Shamaxi had already become an open-air festival city.

Additionally, Shammah first hosted the Vineyard and Wine Festival. Now, for the first time in Azerbaijan, the Air Festival in Shamaxi is a joyful fact. This could also be seen as an indicator of growth in the tourism sector. Tahir Mohammadov said that Shamaxi is now different from the development of the tourism sector.

Salman Rasulov, a spokesman for EZONE, said that air travel is welcomed around the world. The main objective of hosting the Air Strikes Festival is to contribute to the development of tourism.

Salman Rasulov added that security measures related to the festival are one of the top priorities. Before long, work was under way on commercial flights. According to the Task Force, the issue of whether flights continue in the future and commercial flights are carried out in the coming years will depend on interest in the project.

A spokesman for EZONE pointed out that flights were conducted by professional foreign pilots.

Turkish expert Halis Aydogan expressed pride in being at the festival during his talk, expressing confidence that Shamaxi will also become a suitable destination for airplane flights in the future, and said the first steps have been taken in Shamaxi with the Air Strikes Festival in terms of tourism development.

Ralph Horleman, Germany's ambassador to our country, who answered questions from journalists at the festival, congratulated Azerbaijan on hosting the Air Festival. "This event is a great opportunity to show the world all the beauty of Azerbaijan. In Shammah, the weather is great today and everyone who comes is having a lot of fun. Once again, I congratulate you and wish you success at this festival."

Sharing his impressions with journalists about the festival, Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan, George Dick, said that today is a very good day for our country. Because Azerbaijan hosts such a magnificent event, it is the first time it has hosted the Air Festival. The ambassador said that he had seen parents, children, and young people, that there were people of all ages and nations at the festival, and he thanked the Heydər Əliyev Foundation, as well as other organizations, for supporting the event.

Support for the project has been shown by the Azerbaijani National Tourism Agency, the Shamaxi Regional Executive Authority, the State Civil Aviation Agency, the Azerbaijani Air Action Administration (AZANS), and the Heydər Əliyev Fund.

Preparations for the azerbaijani air strikes project lasted two years. The festival's air-drawn wagons have been made in Britain and Turkey, and they have also been noted for their interesting designs.

The festival also featured a concert program with the participation of well-known performers. People's artists Faiq Agaveh, Miriam Joseph, Artist Lala Mohammedova, Dilara Kazemova, Eldar, and Nigar, and others have appeared in front of the audience.

The festival's entertainment programme has included master classes on a range of subjects for both children and adults. Participants were able to participate in master classes in clay, color, puppet theatre, board games, tobacco, and other fields. So in addition to watching the flight of the air balloons, guests have also had an exciting and fun weekend.

The festival was also invited by the children of Witnesses from Shammah and neighboring circuits who died for the sake of the territorial integrity of our country. They have participated in entertainment organized in the festival area and have watched the flight of airlines that have always attracted the interest of adults as well as children. Gifts have been presented to each of the children of our heroic Witnesses.

It should be noted that flying on airplanes is one of the great opportunities for an unforgettable impression. Each year, airlines are held in various countries around the world, and tourists travel to the area where these flights are conducted.

The festival, which was part of the popular Air Strikes Festival and was held in Albuquerque, U.S.A., was first held in 1972. The event has attracted thousands of attendees and has become one of the biggest entertainers in the United States. Airlines are now also organized in Canberra, Bristol, Great Britain, Shato Do of Switzerland, Igualada, Spain, Quebec, Russia's Velikiye Luki, Turkey, and other cities.