The occupiers are taking out from the front fully loaded Kamaz tanks with the bodies of killed PMC "Wagner" militants. Due to heavy losses of new militants, Prigozhin is looking everywhere. Propaganda leaflets from Wagner are thrown into mailboxes for Russians.

This is stated in a telephone conversation between the occupier and his wife, which was intercepted by Ukrainian intelligence.

The occupant's wife said that she had found an invitation to join the ranks of PMC Wagner in her mailbox.

"I was f**king up here yesterday. I see if there is some thing in the mailbox. It says "together we will win." I open, and there: "we invite you to get a job at PMC "Wagner". And this is in every mailbox," she said.

According to her, those who wish are promised "the best training with highly qualified instructors, health and life insurance, a guarantee of all payments." They also promise modern overalls, the best equipment and weapons.

In response, the invader explained that PMC "Wagner" was forced to conduct such agitation due to huge losses.

"There are very few people left in the zones who suit them. And they are now starting to search everywhere. Big losses just at Wagner. An acquaintance who is now at Wagner said that he drives a car, makes more than 15 flights a day – KamAZ is completely clogged with corpses," says the Russian.

Earlier, the owner of PMC "Wagner" Yevgeny Prigozhin announced the return to the front of his militants on August 5.

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