"That is why Sarafov's choice is a problem for us. It is no coincidence that Kiril Petkov said that he renounces immunity in order not to be put in this trap, "commented in the show "Taiz Saturday" the Deputy Chairman of the parliamentary group of PP-DB Vladislav Panev Sarafov's statement that he would make checks on the requested parliamentary immunities.

In his words, it would be a worthy act if the leader of GERB Boyko Borisov also renounced his immunity.

"We have enough public information from recent years that Mr. Sarafov is not suitable for this position, just as Geshev was not. He is aware that the Prosecutor's College in this chamber will hardly produce a radically different result," Panev said.

In his words, he should be different, more meaningful and take decisions that are in favor of the judiciary and society, not opportunistic.

"At the moment, the composition is imbued with politics. Eleven members of the SJC were elected by the previous long National Assembly, which is a problem, "he stressed.

According to him, the parliamentary quota in the SJC is dominated by representatives from the GEBR and the MRF. "Most likely, there is political influence in it," Panev said.

According to him, judicial reform is not the opinion of one person, but the change of the functions of the figurehead.

Proceedings for a new Attorney General

I think it's quite a challenge. I believe that the work of the constitutional commission will be difficult," he commented on Delyan Peevski's membership in the constitutional commission in the National Assembly.

Panev explained that his opinion about Delyan Peevski has not changed. "It may be an obstacle to the amendments to the Constitution," Panev said.

According to him, there was still distrust between PP-DB and GERB-UDF, but they learned to communicate.