Under constant monitoring is the level of the Pernik dam "Studena".

Currently, the reservoir has enough free volume and can absorb the expected intensive inflows in the coming days, said the manager of Pernik Water Supply and Sewerage Borislav Ivanov.

To date, the volume of the dam is 24,193,000 cubic meters. m. with a capacity of 25 200 000 cubic meters. m. They are released about 1500 l / s, which has increased the level of the Struma River from 5 to 15 cm. depending on its width in the individual sections. In order not to further increase the level of the river and thus create a risk of spills in the risk areas, no increase in the water masses emitted by the dam is currently envisaged.

There is no danger of flooding in Pernik region

The manager of Pernik Water Supply and Sewerage Company assured that the dam will be able to accommodate the expected tributaries, BNR reported.

From tomorrow, the forecast is for weaker rains in the area and at the current rate of discharge, the inflow will become less than the cost, and this means that the volume of water mass in the dam will decrease, Borislav Ivanov said.

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Studena Dam