Briton Alison Dunn claims to have taken a gruesome photo of a ghost at an abandoned Park Hotel in Morcam, Lancashire.

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She says she can no longer sleep after using a séance board and spotting the ghostly figure of a "hanged killer."

The 49-year-old bank manager took a photo when all the supernatural explorers at the hotel were in a former bedroom on the fourth floor.

Although she didn't see anything with her own eyes, she was shocked when she looked at the picture. Oddly enough, she claimed that other members of the group felt that the corridor had become cold shortly before taking the photo, and even noticed a flickering light.

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Alison has always been fascinated by the supernatural and believes she could have caught the ghost of the killer, who, according to local legend, strangled a woman in a hotel in the early 1900s and then committed suicide.

"You can distinguish a leg if you keep looking at it, and the rest looks like a shadow. It looks like someone is leaning against a wall. I was a little scared at that moment, because this is the moment when we just have to sleep a little. I lay awake and looked at the ceiling and wondered if he was wandering somewhere nearby. I was wondering if he saw me," she shared.

Alison claims the band also had an unpleasant experience while using a whiteboard for séances in the basement, when the "spirit" apparently threw a spoon in the next room during the session.

"We had a lot of activity all night. We conducted an experiment with a whiteboard for séances in the basement. It was dark and we heard this roar. We went to see what it was and there was that spoon in the middle of the floor right where we entered. There was no way we could get past it and not see her. We went back to the séance board and asked if he did, and she said yes," she recalled.

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Dunn now has even more faith in ghosts and the supernatural than ever before, and even wants to return to the hotel.

For his part, a hotel spokesman confirmed that the horrific story of a man who killed a woman was told by locals, adding: "From the records, I believe that the man really strangled a woman in the early 1900s when he returned from World War I. I understand that the lady had a relationship with the manager, and the man who committed the offense was in a relationship with her or married. Then he committed suicide. This is information received from local residents."

We will remind, the Canadian found a bottle with a message, released into the sea 34 years ago. It became known who wrote it.

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