From July 1, the minimum retirement pension will be BGN 523.04. This was decided by MPs at the final approval of the new extension of the 2022 Budget.

It comes into force on July 10 and has until July 31, until a regular budget for this year must be voted.

The adopted texts ensure that the money from the Silver Fund cannot be used to finance current needs.

So far, after the increase last year, every fourth or over half a million people in Bulgaria took the minimum pension of BGN 467. This means that the increase is 56 leva.

Pensions from July 1 should automatically be increased by 12% under the current "Swiss rule" – by 50% of inflation and by 50% of the growth in average social security income last year.

But for the change of the social old-age pension, a decision of the government is needed.

Final: Parliament adopts the re-extension of the budget

The increase of the minimum pension is generally done by a decision of the parliament. But with the draft extension of the budget, the caretaker government proposes the responsibility for raising the minimum pension to be transferred to the government – whether it is ex officio or regular.

Minimum pension