In the 1990s, there was a real boom in the film industry, when many cult films appeared on the screens that made child actors stars.

Now it is difficult to imagine the New Year holidays without the comedy "Home Alone" or "Curly Sue". Films made child actors insanely popular, and viewers forever remembered them at a young age. However, over the years, they have changed considerably. Many of the artists stopped their acting careers or almost lost it.

The editors of the site collected a selection about famous children-actors. Here is a look at how Kevin McCallister, Curly Sue, Wenzday, and others have changed over the years.

Macaulay Culkin ("Home Alone")

The famous actor Macaulay Culkin became famous at a very young age. When Culkin was 10 years old, the film "Home Alone" was released, which made him insanely popular.

Macaulay Culkin in the movie "Home Alone" / Photo: screenshot from video

However, after the release of this picture, Macaulay's career declined. And the reason for this was his father, who was interested in the money earned by his son. In particular, he did not go through the pictures, so often the little actor played in failed films, demanded high fees and set conditions for the directors. Eventually, Macaulay retired from cinema at the age of 13. The actor's mother divorced her father, and he, taking all the money, left them.

Macaulay Culkin / Photo: Getty Images

Culkin put his career on hold for a while, but gradually returned to the cinema. However, the paintings were not a resounding success. The morale of the actor, meanwhile, deteriorated, he began to use drugs and was even arrested for this.

Macaulay Culkin / Photo: Associated Press

Eventually, Macaulay became addicted. The actor got a role in the series "American Horror Story", which became his kind of rehabilitation in the cinema. Currently, the artist continues to actively change.

The 42-year-old actor is in a relationship with actress Brenda Song. Together they raise a son and daughter.

Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song / Photo: Getty Images

Daryl Sabara ("Spy Kids")

The American actor became wildly popular at the age of nine, when the film "Spy Children" was released.

Daryl Sabara in the movie "Spy Kids" / Photo: screenshot from video

In the end, it was this work that became the most successful in his acting career. Daryl had many roles in famous TV shows and movies, but they were all episodic. Currently, the actor almost does not act in films, only occasionally appears on television.

Daryl Sabara / Photo: Associated Press

In his personal life, Daryl is all right. Since 2018, he has been married to singer Megan Trainer, the couple had two children during this time. Now the actor is 30 years old.

Daryl Sabara with his wife / Photo: Associated Press

Alison Porter ("Curly Sue")

The American actress became famous at the age of 10, when the tape "Curly Sue" was released.

Alison Porter in the movie "Curly Sue" / Photo: screenshot from video

The film made young Alison insanely popular. Meanwhile, for the girl herself, this was almost the last role in the movie. She ended her acting career and became a singer. However, this occupation also did not bring her wild popularity, except that she became the winner of the American show "The Voice". Alison had problems with drug abuse, clothing and alcohol.

Alison Porter / Photo: Associated Press

Alison is now 41 years old. This year, she married dancer Justin, with whom she gave birth to a daughter. Porter also has two children from a previous marriage to a fruit merchant.

Alison Porter with her husband / Photo:

Christina Ricci ("The Addams Family")

The American actress became wildly popular at the age of 11 thanks to the film "The Addams Family", where she unsurpassed played the role of gloomy Wenzday.

Christina Ricci in the movie "The Addams Family" / Photo: screenshot from video

After the release of the tape on the screens, Christina began to actively develop her acting career. She had many successful roles in such films as "Casper", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Sleepy Hollow", "Grey's Anatomy", "Wenzday" and many others.

Christina Ricci / Photo: Associated Press

The actress is now 43 years old. She is married to hairstylist Mark Hampton. Together, the couple brings up a daughter. From a previous marriage, the actress has a son.

Christina Ricci / Photo: Associated Press

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ("Two: Me and My Shadow")

American twin actresses became wildly popular at the age of nine, when the film "Two: Me and My Shadow" was released.

The Olsen sisters in the movie "Two: Me and My Shadow" / Photo: screenshot from video

After the tape, their career went up. The actresses starred in many films and even founded their own company, becoming the youngest producers in Hollywood. The last time the twins starred together in the movie "New York Moments", but it was a failure. Then they appeared on television only separately.

The Olsen Sisters / Photo: Associated Press

Now the sisters are 37 years old. Little is known about their personal lives, because the twins keep it a secret, so it is shrouded in rumors.

The Olsen Sisters / Photo: Associated Press

Natalie Portman (Leon)

The Hollywood actress became insanely popular at the age of 13, when Luc Besson's cult film "Leon" was released.

Natalie Portman in the movie "Leon" / Photo: screenshot from video

After that, the career of the young actress went up sharply. The celebrity starred in such famous films as "Confrontation", "Star Wars", "Thor" and many others. For her role in the film "Black Swan" Natalie received an Academy Award.

Natalie Portman / Photo: Associated Press

Now the actress is 42 years old. She is married to dancer Benjamin Milpier. The couple have two children together: a daughter and a son. However, this year it became known that the man is cheating on Portman. The couple is currently trying to save their marriage.

Natalie Portman with her husband / Photo: Associated Press

Daniel Radcliffe ("Harry Potter")

The British actor became wildly popular at the age of 12, when the film "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was released, where he played the main role. In the end, the last part of the film about the boy wizard was released in 2011. So Radcliffe grew up on television.

Daniel Radcliffe in the movie "Harry Potter" / Photo: screenshot from video

After completing the filming of the movie saga, the actor actively developed his career. He starred in films such as "The Illusion of Deception: The Second Act", "Absolute Power", "Jungle" and others. The actor had a drinking problem after the success of the Harry Potter movie. However, he stopped drinking.

Daniel Radcliffe / Photo:

Daniel is currently 33 years old. He does not act in films, because until 2024 he put his career on pause. The reason for this was that the actor devoted himself to his father. So, this year he became a father for the first time.

Daniel Radcliffe with his chosen one / Photo: Associated Press

Michael Oliver ("Difficult Child")

The American actor became famous at the age of eight when the film "Difficult Child" was released.

Michael Oliver in the movie "Difficult Child" / Photo: screenshot from video

However, the role in the film was his last successful work in his acting career. Since 1995, he no longer acts in films. In general, the role in the second part of "Difficult Child" completely ruined Michael's family, because his mother sued the Universal studio and lost the case.

Michael Oliver / Photo: screenshot from video

Now the actor is 41 years old. He is married to longtime girlfriend Magnolia.

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