The director of one of the largest volunteer foundations in Ukraine "Return Alive" Taras Chmut shared his predictions when the war will end.

He said this in an interview with journalist Roman Kravets on Ukrayinska Pravda.

"After the counteroffensive, something will happen. We imagine the scenario that we take Melitopol, enter Mariupol, the Russian army crumbles, enter Crimea. And on this our resource is exhausted. There is no strength to make the next spurt. Russians have the same story. Or vice versa. We are now going on the counteroffensive, we are not succeeding. (We are advancing - ed.) somewhere 10 km, somewhere 50 – on a large map of Ukraine is not even visible. And it all stops there. This means that neither we nor they can attack. And what's next we do. I would like the first scenario to come true. (This requires – Ed.) so that we invest in the defense forces as much as possible, mobilize as much as possible, work out a counteroffensive and return our territories," Chmut reflects.

Head of the Return Alive Foundation Taras Chmut / Photo: Ukrayinska Pravda

The head of Come Back Alive warns Ukrainians that even after the end of the war, life in our country will no longer be the same as before 2014.

"Any war ends in negotiations. But some wars end with a clear point, and some with a constant conflict, which at any moment can develop into something more. For some reason, we think that as soon as the war ends, we will live again, conditionally, as in 2012. It won't be that way. Korea (South Korea and North Korea - ed.) is one country, and two different worlds. Seoul is located from the border at a distance of an artillery shot. Thank goodness Kyiv away. And they have been living like this for many decades. And there are many such examples.

In Israel, everything seems to be okay, but the number of rocket attacks is perhaps even more in a year than in Ukraine. In Georgia, a significant part of the territory is occupied by the Russian Federation. And they don't even try to get something back. There is an example of Azerbaijan, which for many decades hatched a plan to return its territories and returned them," the volunteer said.

According to him, theoretically there are prerequisites for ending the war in Ukraine this year.

When asked by the journalist whether he believes that Ukraine will return Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, Chmut answered in the affirmative.

"I believe it – yes. Ready to promise – no. But I have a firm inner faith and hope that this year a lot will change in this war," Taras Chmut summed up.

Earlier, Deputy Defense Minister General Oleksandr Pavlyuk called the condition under which the war could end in 2023.

We will remind, the well-known journalist of The Washington Post David Ignatius in an exclusive interview with a special correspondent of TSN told how the war in Ukraine will end.

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