What happened with the procedure for the removal of the Prosecutor General was a process that began long ago and this was not the first such procedure, because more than a year ago there was a similar one that did not reach such a development. This was expected for both civil society and observers who are specialists in the field of justice, as there have been many reasons over the years for the Prosecutor General to be released.

This was commented in the studio of "The Day Begins" Vasil Pandov – MP from the parliamentary group of "The Day Begins". "We continue the change Kiril Petkov and Assen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" – Democratic Bulgaria "Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political union composed of".

"At that moment, when he demonstrated his active involvement in politics, at that moment he was removed. Many people comment that the specific reason is his statement about the sweeping of "political garbage" is not enough as a reason. I think that, combined with the activity of the prosecution in recent days, what we actually see the Prosecutor General, who directs its actions and under the Constitution he exercises direct supervision over each prosecutor, has put the prosecution in a position of a means of interfering in politics, and this is sufficient grounds to release him, since the prosecution does not guarantee its impartiality and its independence ", Pandov pointed out.

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He does not believe that the executive, legislative and judicial branches should be intertwined, since there is a separation of powers under the Constitution.

With regard to the constitutional reform in the field of the judiciary, which should ensure precisely this lack of connection or influence of the prosecution in political life or vice versa, Pandov explained that if there is such a merger, then we cannot talk about the rule of law and security of each citizen.

"I believe and strongly hope that the judicial reform will not be exhausted now. Yesterday there were many comments that indeed this momentum for judicial reform should not be delayed. There are guarantees insofar as some of the participants in this process, namely our PG, we will be this guarantor and will insist on continuing the judicial reform the way it started. We believe that colleagues from other parliamentary groups are aware of their responsibility and will not put the reform in a position to look opportunistic, "said Vasil Pandov.

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