On the evening of June 14, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy traditionally addressed Ukrainians and told about the main events of the day.

Negotiations with the President of Poland

President Zelenskyy had an hour-long phone conversation with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda. The leaders of the country discussed the situation on the battlefield, weapons for our soldiers, shells.

Zelensky and Duda. Illustrative photo / Photo: twitter/Andrzej Duda

According to Zelensky, Poland quite realistically perceives the need for Ukraine's membership in NATO.

"And this is an objective need. Together we are developing concrete content for the Alliance's Summit in Vilnius. This is precisely the moment when Russian assumptions that someone in NATO is still afraid of Russia should be completely shattered. Such assumptions fuel Russia's aggressive ambitions. We have and we can neutralize them. We thank Poland for supporting Ukraine and really strengthening NATO," the head of state said.

Ukraine Recovery Conference

Zelensky said that next week a conference on the restoration of Ukraine will be held in London.

"This will be a significant event, very representative, which will unite both political and business efforts for the restoration of our country and the normal life of our people. The key principle Ukrainian is simple and fair, namely: not a single ruin will remain in Ukraine. We will rebuild everything, we will restore everything, and we already know exactly what steps in what timing and what forces need to be taken to defeat Russian aggression and our reconstruction. When the ruins disappear, it is not just the aggressor who loses, but the very idea of aggression. And it will be," the president assured.

Missile terror from Russia

The President spoke about communication with Western partners on Russian missile production. He recalled that today the occupiers had launched another missile strike on Odesa - from Kalibr rockets. According to Zelensky, dozens of components of these "Calibers" have been delivered to Russia from other countries.

"Obviously, every such supply route is a way of increasing terror. The world has the tools to block all such paths – from every country, from every company whose components are used by Russian missile manufacturers," he said.

Recall that on the night of June 14, Russia once again attacked Odessa with Kalibr missiles. The enemy launched four missiles at the city, two of which were shot down. As a result of the attack on Odesa, three dead and 13 injured are currently known.

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