A student from a primary school in the town of Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, opened fire and shot a teacher, Bosnian portal Klicks reported.

This morning at the Lukavac Grad Primary School in Lukavac, a minor student opened fire in which one employee – an English teacher at the school was injured. The wounded, with the initials N.O., has been hospitalized for a gunshot wound to the neck and is currently undergoing surgery.

School principal Edin Delic confirmed to Klicks that the student was detained by police and the shooting weapon was found.

According to unofficial information on the portal, this is a student who has been moved from another primary school due to bad behavior.

Nine-year-old student shoots guard at Belgrade school

The incident is not the first such case in the region after a 3-year-old student shot dead nine of his classmates and a security guard at a Belgrade school on May 13rd. The next day, a 21-year-old opened fire on people in a village near the Serbian capital, killing eight of them.


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